Received an assignment about the pillars of human resource management? Stuck with the features that an HR has to serve? Still confused about the strategies used by a human resource manager? If you are struggling with these questions, then you are not alone. Many students are stuck here. It is the reason HR assignment help is gaining popularity. These strategies might look challenging. But when you understand them thoroughly, you will have a grasp of them. So have a look at these pillars and make your assignment outshine:

5 Pillars

Legal Requirements

The first and foremost step to hiring an employee in your organization is to fulfil all the legal requirements. It will ensure that you protect your business or company and that employees are. Completing legalities is the first pillar that a human resource manager has to do. Following the laws will aid in maintaining proper communication with all of the staff members that work for your business.

Employee Engagement 

To involve every employee in the organisation, this pillar is essential. It enhances the feelings or emotions toward the business. It enables individuals to become more attached to their responsibilities, the corporate culture, and other workers.

It is a fact that the more satisfied employees are, the more committed they are toward the work. To do this, the human resource manager can take several actions:

  • Introduce competitions or contests and distribute prizes for the same. 
  • They can emphasize positive attitudes.
  • They should promote recognition incentives related to the performance of the employees. 
  • They must listen to all the employees and help them to solve their issues or problems.

Learning and Development

This pillar has to incorporate by a human resource manager; otherwise employees will not get any benefit from the company. This pillar has to look at the things that will help an employee to grow as an individual. And increase their skills as they move ahead or grow. There should be activities carried out by the company to turn employees into an asset. Investment in personnel is a duty that every company must fulfil. 

Some ways or techniques that to do these are:

  • Rotations of the positions within the organization.
  • Conducting both internal and external training.
  • Giving strength to internal communication channels. 

Reward and Recognition 

Both recognition and rewards are crucial components for employees as these make them work harder and give motivation. This pillar considers the benefits and the compensations given to an employee. These include medical insurance, salary, gym membership, technology advancement, and more. Most people like to work in a company where they can get rewards for their achievements. It motivates a person and enables them to work with efficiency. These factors have to be looked into by the human resource manager. Without appreciation, no one can reflect their 100% productivity. 

Organization Design

It is the basic structure that is followed by an organization. It is how the roles of individuals are designed and defined with the use of job descriptions. This structure can be made when the purpose and long-term strategy are mentioned. All the powers and authorities of the entire company are affected by it. If it is not managed accordingly, it can lead to many issues, confusion and overlapping roles. Therefore, the human resource manager has to lay a proper structure to ensure the company run smoothly. 

Bonus: Performance Management System

This pillar enables the human resource manager to monitor or track the employees and the departments. It makes the setting of goals successful. Without this, employees will not chase their performance and thus will not get motivated. Installing the system for tracking the performance of employees can be used to:

  • Completion of application forms for the job.
  • Digitally archiving the job profile and history of performances and evaluating the programs.
  • Recruiting or hiring potential candidates.
  • Digital system to calculate the salary, taxes any other benefits.
  • Easy to access the newsletters of the particular organization. 

Wrapping Up

As a human resource student, a time comes in everyone’s life, made you think about the pillars on which the entire human resource department stands. It is the base of the company, and if the base is not strong, then the entire department will be in danger. So, this article has all the pillars you need to take care of in your assignment and the role of an hr manager. If you are still in confusion, then you can seek HR assignment help professionals who will guide you in the right direction. These experts are the subject matter experts who have wide knowledge in this particular field.